Sunday, 17 April 2011

Crinan Puffer

Crinan Puffer today and after a sleepless-ish week the apprehension was rising and the vivid bad dreams abounded! However the day was PERFECT for running and the support amazing, every one who passed me (and there were many) had a kind motivating word to help me along. The marshals and spectators almost (almost) carried  us along  but the best moment was after we became convinced that we must have passed the 4 mile marker and where on earth was the 5 mile one ...and then we saw the 6 mile one! This does not often happen to me as I am usually anticipating each marker well in advance. Garret paced and coached magnificently and the only issue was a lack of energy which I can cope with. I was pleased with a 1:18 and managed to raise a fabulous £270 for The Mid Argyll Chemotherapy unit...I can feel tea at The George coming on as a wee treat for all.

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