Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Training and Raining

The heavens have opened in Argyll but training must go on... I had a try last night at some speed work round here but the wind and rain deposited me back home after three and a half miles of buffeting and drowning. Tonight's mid Argyll jogscotland run was similar but so much better with company... My energy levels were higher and the dogs do not like to run at the back of the group so we went round in record time!! Family happy at home as Rosie delivered Corner take on Carbonnara unaided.


Anonymous said...

Well Fee, I woke up with the running bug knawing at me to start getting out the on the trails again! Julia thinks it's a great idea, as long as i keep going on walks with her too! What to wear? What to eat? How hard to I push myself? So many thoughts... Any helpful suggestions? I'm training to run up the hill by your castle in a few years! Let me know what you think. Hope you and all of yours are well. Say hello to everyone for me. Dan

Fee said...

I think it is a great idea too Dan!! so many questions!! Get out there and have some fun...oh and do some sprints, they are not so fun, oh and some hills,....and some sprinting up hills...that's not fun either!! Nah, just stick to the having fun and find a running buddy. Have your name down already for the Inveraray Jail break...which year did you say?!Love to you and Julia X