Saturday, 9 April 2011

Five miler today...warm, slow and steady!

Picked up the training again today in fine style after dropping off the girls at Oban airport to go flying with Howard and Myrna...what an experience at age 12 and 14! Both beat their mother as they actually took the controls during the flights. I drove to Oban and parked at Corran Halls and ran to Ganovan sands which was smaller than I thought but further away! A little clifff side run and then back which took care of an hour or so. The weather was so warm that the crowds were out and it feels like summer. Home to a BBQ with friends at argyll adventure finished off a perfect day nicely..and home in time for bed at 10.30 all tired out!


KatyDidStitches said...

Hello Fee!

It's your fruit tea-lovin' friend!

I've taken the plunge! If you want a break from running...and are curious about life in Indiana...please stop by for a visit!

Mike says "Hi!" We're wistfully thinking about another trip to Scotland...last year went by like a dream!


Fee said...

So funny you got in touch just now! I served fruit tea to a couple just yesterday and thought of you both!I would love a holiday with or without the running!! Hi to Mike too..time certainly does fly by.