Friday, 4 November 2011

Another race beckons

Pre race preparation does not usually include skiing- there are reasons for this.
1) you might fall over
2) if you haven't skied for a while it may make your legs ache.

Bear the above in mind. A hospital appointment yesterday (still doing hunkey dorey, an unusual
medical classification but one I am fond of) meant an excuse to hit the cold slopes of Xscape. And boy were they cold! The snow was new and a bit sticky... so good for me but not speedy boy Garret. I did fall but only the once and yes my knees do ache a bit today but hopefully by Sunday (race day) they will be ready to tackle the BIG hill. Shopping included buying a monkey suit for Garret... And no,not a DJ. There are soooo many opportunities here for offspring embarrassment that it leaves one quite breathless. No breakfasts this morning so an early swim with Liz practising turns and rolling. Ahh I live the high life.

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