Sunday, 20 May 2012

Cider with Rosie.. And Toby, Freya, Garret

......and a houseful of guests. Bed and breakfast life is never predictable and can be full of unexpected pleasures and surprises. On Thursday night we had more guests than we had bargained for when after a road closure following a bad accident first one friend arrived in need of shelter for the night and then another one with two sons and two dogs in tow. Fifteen souls and three canines in Claonairigh that night some in more comfort than others. Another out of the ordinary B and B moment came on Saturday night when one guest gave a taste tester session of Thistley Cross Ciders for us and the other guests from Scotland and from the States. We gave the first three a thumbs up but the strawberry cider was only a hit with those whose taste beds have been dulled by iron bru and alcopops. With a need to exercise off the previous nights excesses Garret, Freya and I cycled ( leaving the poor revisees at home in charge if the washing machine) along the A83 to the head of the Loch and along the Glen past Highland cows and ridiculously picturesque countryside and then back via the Seafood Fair at Loch Fyne Oysters... Lots of mussels, salmon burgers and enough tablet and cake to fuel Freya's homeward legs... Perfect!

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