Monday, 25 May 2009

Sunday May 24th

Finally D day arrived after a sleepless night despite the carbo loading the night before (how many carbs does a glass of wine have, and is drinking it what they mean by "keep up a good fluid intake"......?)Trying to force a power building breakfast into a protesting stomach is not easy especially when the same stomach is demanding frequent visits to the smallest room. We made it down to a chilly but dry Campbeltown in enough time to register but not too much time to panic (much). After last minute dithers re a jacket (sooooo glad I didn't) we were off. The 10ks and the half marathoners were together for the first 3/4 mile or so and then went our separate ways. In our case the course headed out of Campbeltown and towards the golf course. We hit the dunes then the beach at 5 miles and off at 6.5 or so. Hmmm this was not my favourite bit, very picturesque and cool but those dunes! Took me a while to get the rhythm back into my lower legs after that. Garret's encouraging chat and easy lolloping run had begun to irritate me by mile 9 but I restrained from stabbing him or even responding (mainly) due to 1. couldn't catch him and 2. no breath left. We will draw a veil over the blister forming miles from 9-11 but mile 12-13 were great! Straight down into the town and towards the ever loader shouts from pal Simone at the finish line who having completed her 10k was on the look out. In a nail biting finish when a sprinter shot passed me in the last few 10s of yards which Garret could not tolerate under any circumstances and so beat him to the line easily! I made it in 1hr 47 mins and 59 seconds....10 mins of my previous so a chuffed bunny indeed. G 48th overall, me 51st, 9th woman to finish and 7th veteran woman! The children however put us to shame as they got trophies! Toby first finisher in his 2k, Rosie 2nd girl in the same race and Freya 1st girl in her 1k race. So, a great day out and the only casualty is a toe on my left foot which is bruised and blistered making slippers the footwear of choice today!

The “Then” blog. For details see entry for March 7th 2009. In brief the restoration of Claonairigh House.
Sunday May 24th 1992
We have contacted two architects in Lochgilphead, one of whom is very interested in the restoration of historic buildings. He seems very positive about the whole project which is encouraging. We are awaiting a quote. The other chap had some useful info on grants etc which look hopeful. G has bought some kitchen cupboards. We decided that a fitted kitchen would not be right. One is particularly impressive. Very tall its top cupboard hides rows and rows of little spice/herb drawers. I have always wanted some drawers of this type. We can now hopefully see an end to all this bargaining which is a relief. It would be a wonderful anniversary present to get it all settles at last.

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