Sunday, 18 September 2011


A lovely last long cycle yesterday in the sun, rain, wind and spray kicked up by lorries and then at the end I fell off.....more about that in a moment. Unbelievably for the first time ever I cycled down into Inveraray past son and heir parking cars for the Best in the West festival in the driving rain and out onto the Damally road which is, well, as far as I went and after the first short sharp brutal hill and gift to ride on. Lovely smooth surface now after the pothole masacre of tyres last winter and rolling hills to test the legs only so far. The rain spatters on my sunglasses added to the challenge but cannot be blamed for my ultimate downfall...Having enjoyed the ride so to speak, and grateful for having survived the A83 I trundled into the layby and up the lane and did exactly what I have been frightened of since new planks were laid across the bridge  a couple of years ago. The front tyre slotted perfectly into the gap, feet wouldnt release fast enough from the clips and over I went. No permanent harm does especially as there were no witesses to see my huddled form on the grass trying to discover if anything had actually falled off...fallen off me, not the bike that is....Seven whole days to go until the big day so no need to feel sick just yet......Lovely article in the Advertiser this week so maybe I will pull in a wee bit more sponsor money.
Guests this week have had the privilege often granted to visitors to the West Coast of many different seasons in the one day wit some spectacular storms thrown in along the way....however today is gorgeous...a cool, tranquill September day just the way we like it.

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