Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Boots and shoes

Still taking it easy re the back and so no boot camp...shame I missed the end of session weigh in....just a little run whilst the children did D of E and athletics club. Some soreness but not as much as before so hopefully I am going in the right direction. Good weekend with Harry Potter fest on Sunday at Braehead with the girls after some shopping for Christmas parties etc. Delighted me to buy Rosie's first proper heels..felt like a rite of passage as it is the first time she has entertained such an idea. She teetered around on them when we got home honouring the humble pizza with such glamour. Freya also got boots but not necessarily her first choice as maybe 4" heels might prove tricky when negotiating the forest track on the way to the bus. She likes hers too and has even worn them for the intended purpose of keeping her feet warm for school. An acceptable coat was also found so no more ripped ones of Toby's for her! hey ho...on with the day. Visiting Lewis today.

 LATER As you can see a stunning day for a ride in Argyll....shame the camera chose to focus on Lewis's ears rather than the hills but then again what handsome ears they are.

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