Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Just a norrmal tuesday!

A day of thunder, lightning, torrential rain...weak autumn sun and then hail...never a dull moment. The first day (for me) of the winter riding and I headed along to the stables to see Lewis who was happily munching away at his hay when I arrived. I spent a very pleasant time re-acquainting myself with procedures and re- discovering the delights of grooming despite itchy eyes and nose. I was a bit quiet on the sing song front but soon it will be time to go full on with Christmas carols. We had a wee amble round the ring remembering each other and our little ways and had a few trots too to remind my legs just what it is all about.
Back home and the first mince pies rolled out this afternoon (puff pastry ones not entirely successful!) then after homework for both girls, shuffling Toby around and about for work, welcoming Howard and Myrna back to our winter routine it was off to running club with Rosie and a good old work out!The map below does not seem to fully capture those skips, step ups, squats and boxing....but you can definitely see the laps round the oval! Full credit to all who turned out on a potentially lousy night, we were very lucky as we escaped with hardly a drop of rain falling and then the heavens opened on the way home.

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