Monday, 8 November 2010

A quiet week........

For a supposedly quiet time of year the days are scurrying past very quickly and I am only just managing to catch hold of the tail end of the weekend. Celebrating our dear friends Howard and Mynas 45 years wedded on Wednesday was just lovely. To anyone who has eaten in The George and there are a is a wonderful place to indulge in good food, nice drink and close friends....especially on a dark November night. I actually made some money last weeek too with several guests including the deerstalkers and a unique couple who are recently retired from running a hostel in the hills of Pakistan for new missionaries undertaking a crash course in Urdu. They were on their way to a church meeting on Islay and she was..rather cold when confonted by an early scottish winter! No real running after wedesday when I did a 4.5 run round as penance for not going to jogscotland, just a 2.68 run round with Liz to loosen up for the weekend followed by a swim. On Saturday night we set up a bonfire in the back field which the pigs minded not at all and Poppy,the goat kept her distance. The latter was not terribly keen on the first firework indicated by her ricochetting off the fence. We duly moved and completed the display elsewhere. After a frosty night we woke to find the pigs comfortably huddled on the warm, ashy remains of the fire. We had no time to admire or even photograph them as we took off for Ormsary with blue skies above and icy roads below. The Tin Farm 5 race is a road/off road/ beach/field muddy five mile run where you also have to ford a river in case your feet are too hot. Freya was alas too young and so we have her to thank for the photos. Toby and Garret definitly had their own agendas to follow and did really well with Toby coming 6th overall and 3rd Male jr. The male junior position is becoming more and more contested each year. Garret beat all his mates that he wanted to/expected to beat (and wasn't beaten by any girlies which is always a boost) and I paced Rosie along her first adult run to first junior female position. So more shiny trophies and a confidence boost all round!!

PS a shame that I have managed to put the bonfire night picture into the race ones but it will take me too long to reload them all....sorry!!

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