Friday, 6 June 2008

The Good Life revisited

They are here! Mr and Mrs Pig and the piglets. After much deliberation and procrastination all was ready and I made an emergency dash to Lochgilphead for pig food, collected Liz on the way for a wee run and a brief swim before the pool was invaded by Mums and Toddlers. After a hurried phone call from Garret at the pig farm during which he was assured once again that I really, really did not want a full sized male boar to cope with. So, Toby and I set off to get the girls from the school only to be sent away again due to an hours delay. We came home and found Tom aka Garret with horse/pig box borrowed for the occasion parked a few vital feet from the field, a runway made of old boards etc was in place and we were urged from the car to assist as the dogs were proving to be useless assistants. I was Margo, would really have preferred to be Barbara obviously but still have some issues re screaming when under pressure so Margo it was and that left Toby as Jerry the willing but not always totally helpful side kick…..The great precautions and especially my stick were totally unnecessary as when 5 pigs who have been kept with other much larger pigs in a pen catch sight of a field with proper grass and everything they just want to get at it in a big way.Off they trotted and so far all is fine and dandy. True to type Ginny is terrified and Lucy friendly even going as far as to touch noses with Mr Pig through the gate. Once Margo had taken all the photos we reverted to type and sped off to get two very, very tired girls. Am feeling a wee bit Good Lifey at the moment as I have just had a glass of Garret’s elderflower Champagne (Shame we did not have pea pod to be really in character Twisht)…very dry…. Hic….

Running Total 12.8

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