Tuesday, 10 June 2008


The little piggies have found their way under the gate to join Mr Pig much to their mother’s initial dismay.They have a ball over there as there is a small stream and so many more animals to tease. The best game is to wait until the ducks are walking down to the pond and then run really fast at them making them scatter. I would not have believed that this was a deliberate game had I not stood and watched it this afternoon. They were positively grinning as they headed back up the hill to an indulgent Mr Pig. This pastime led to all the geese, ducks, cockerel and goats standing nervously by their huts watching the incomers anxiously. The piggies cared not for the elders statesmen of the field and spent the afternoon pottering backwards and forwards between Mr and Mrs Pig. Before wasting so much time in pig-watching I ran with Liz at Furnace, a slightly shortened version but needs must. The rooms were to be done when I got back and then I settled to the aforementioned pig watch.
Total so far 7.3 miles


Rainer said...

Hello Fee,

if the piggies like running around you may think about putting them on a leash and take them with you on the next run with Liz :-)


Fee said...

thanks for my very first comment Rainer, I only fear that they would be able to run faster than we can....