Monday, 9 June 2008


All hands to help today despite the tiredness lingering on from:-
1. Busy week away and too many late nights (girls)
2. Too many late nights watching TV cop shows (Toby)
3. Coping with 1. and 2. (me)
It took less than two hours to move the stones, re edge the area, re cover with a (hopefully) more robust weed mat and then regravel with chippings from Grandad's drive which is so thick with chippings that the coal lorry nearly sank last week.
Pig news flash. Mr Pig was tempted into the next field away from Mrs Pig and the three little pigs on Saturday as we do not wish the pitter patter of more tiny trotters just yet. He is not surprisingly not all that delighted with this arrangement but is settling down and likes his new sleeping quarters. I cannot believe how much time they all spend snoring away in their lovely straw beds! They retire before I do and there is not a nose on sight before about 8-8.30.
Poppy is also quite outraged at the new occupant of her field and seems to be petitioning the others in a frankly speciesist way against poor Mr Pig, plus she nicks his pig nuts out of his trough when he is not looking. Ahhhh, the fickle memory of goats, she forgets that she was once the scary new comer.
Little run speeded along by the thought that the school bus may beat me home as I left it a bit late in the day. 2.8 miles

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