Tuesday, 3 June 2008

"Licensed to thrill" (with my breakfasts of course) OR "An Inspector calls"....

Have just waved off the Scottish Tourist Board Inspector after a successful inspection so free to continue another year!Ahh, the stress. No suggestions to improve this year either so either he is getting kinder (fat chance) or we are getting better. Nice guy but it is not a job I would wish to do. All that peering at peoples bathrooms and feeling their towels.
What else, lovely day again, the run with Liz at lunchtime was a bit too hot but we covered a few miles chatting away.Her boy is on the same trip as the girls so we swapped "sibling left at home" stories. My lungs are fine with extra inhalers to give them freedom but the legs feel like lead.....Now waiting for guests to arrive and Toby to drag his way back from school.
Running (get it?) Total 7 miles

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