Monday, 23 June 2008

Athletics Club Sports Day:-Sunday

This is a club that the children attend every week and this is the high point of the year. The day dawned...well, wet and dreary and got slightly better as the day wore on. Undaunted the Corner threesome manged the following:-
Freya Silver in High Jump and 800m. Gold in 400m. Class under 11s
Rosie Silver in 400m Class under 13s
Toby Bronze in 1,500m and Silver in 800m. Class under 15s
No apology given for parental pride, they have worked really hard and trained amid all sorts of weather conditions and with sore tummies and aching limbs so good on them all and a big cheer.
Garret was cheering from the side lines whilst I struggled with the rooms and very wet weather! Feeling guilty with so much athletic endeavour going on I had a quick 16 minutes (oh, so precise) on the treadmill with interval training and, believe it or not almost managed to fall of it at 9k/hr...good job it was not in the 14k/hr mode that kicks in every two minutes with lung/leg strainingly regularity.So, not much mileage but lots of effort!
1.8 hard won miles


Rainer said...

Congratulations to all of you.


Fee said...

Thank you!