Thursday, 5 June 2008

Twisting the knife....

The outrageously large amount of money that we scrimped and gathered together (on the upside we did save £16.60 on dinner money this week and a considerable amount on washing powder as apparently some thing really dreadful and indescribable happens to the under 12s if they actually wear the same clothes for two days running. This has ceased to affect Toby who takes an alternative view to his school uniform getting visiting rights to the laundry basket, a quick glimpse once in a while is fine and certainly no two clean items on at any one time or you might die, any way back to stonkingly large amounts of cash...) to send the girls on their trip was certainly worth it as revealed by this postcard in the post today.

"Dear mum,dad,toby,lucy,Ginny and the rest of the animuls
This morning we went to wordswerths house. I brot a toy black cat. I fell homesick.I really really want to come home.we are on our way back from rockwell maner what have you been doing today and yesterday. Love Rosie"

Just in order to twist that knife just a little bit more the postcard picture is not of "Wordswerth's" house and any of the other numerous beauties of the Lake District but of a Border Collie that reminds her of Lucy with 4 puppies... Given all this the phone call last night went relatively well. Maybe we should pop down, get them and she can spend the rest of the week practicing her spelling.
Back here Toby is getting a bit sick of being an only child and getting all the attention full on. He did cook his own tea last night, a sort of soggy rice dish with bits in it from the fridge bottom which unfortunately was not sufficient to share so I heroically gave it all to him, well he is a growing lad. Apparently it was still not enough as he had to fill up with toast about 7.30pm, I think that the sight of all those baby birds on Springwatch being force fed maggots and lacewing flies etc made him peckish...(?) We have one of those little see through bird feeder thingys that you stick on the window, I bought it years ago so we could be proper parents and encourage our offspring to feel at one with nature by watching the blue tits etc bang repeatedly around trying to extract any foodstuffs remaining stuck in the corners. Today we had a new visitor to the little box of pleasures, one of our rather large ducks trying to perch in a frankly dangerous manner (even if you can fly) on the windowsill flapping in a very uncontrolled and unconvincing way. It did manage to make me jump quite a bit as it took off lawnward bound when I came into the kitchen.
Our ducks have not really managed to pass the important (for a duck) art of flight down the generations as they should have done, this one actually possesses advance flight skills as it obviously can make it up as high as a window sill.
Managed a run round the circuit last night. 4.2 miles (about 40 minutes, hard to tell as I met the girls from Dalchenna out for a ride going the opposite way round the track and stopped for a chat) Total 11 miles

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