Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Fall of the year

No, not autumn already but a mother and son competition for the most spectacular (and most painful injuries) fall of the day. His was during the 200m race at Sports Day with a lovely slide along the atsra turf which already has large portions of skin from pupils scattered across its false surface. Mine was 1/2 mile or so into a 6 mile run at Auchindrain, a lovely uncontrolled chin dive into the stony path. I am please to report that mother and son both picked themselves up (actually I was dragged up by concerned fellow members of jogscotland) and finished the run. I did duck out of cycling home again, in a fit of enthusiasm I had cycled the 4 miles to Furnace too so the bike was returned via the boot of the car.
Toby even managed to pass another competitor.
Injury Summary Table:-
Very sore and scraped Knee
Slightly less scraped hip
Even less scraped elbows 2 of
Very Fat Lip
Fat Knee
Scraped, bruised and a little bit fat chin
Cut Finger (wedding ring)
Bruised wrist

CONCLUSION:- I look ugliest so I win (and he is at school whilst I am writing so has no say in the matter).
Running Total 13.3

PICTURE Mrs Pig carrying her bed around in case a wee nap sneaks up on her unexpectedly.

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