Monday, 16 June 2008

Another day ,another run and lots of butterflies

Tentatively tried out my wonky knee which is not so wonky any more, I cannot keep using it as an excuse. Not too bad at all. I just did a small run as there is a brief flurry of forestry work along my usual track so up the big hill it was. Brief though this run it is steep up, up, up and then equally as steep down. I took this photo just as the down starts and the dogs had raced off leaving me far behind. This is about 1/2 hr walk from our house and you can just see Loch Fyne in the background. Our house is well hidden at this time of year but there is a small white smudge visible near the bottom left, a couple of cm in. The track that I descended by is to the right of that (bottom)and then disappears into the greenery. The knee did okay and I only stopped once entranced by this pretty little butterfly (not this exact one, that would be an extraordinary coincidence), oh, actually twice as I took the photo but it obviously does not count as a stop if you have a really good reason for it.
Big day for Rosie today as she gets to go to the High School for her first induction day. She did mention at breakfast time that she thought she would far rather stay at home and that she had more than a few very surprising.

LATER She's home...and she is smiling!

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