Saturday, 21 June 2008

Pigs, goats and automobiles.....

Since I last wrote we have sold all the children and bought a new eh! Regretfully we have not achieved the height of car sophistication (in Toby's eyes), this belongs to a very cool guest (we only have that kind) who departed this morning towards Hadrian's Wall. He was very obliging and allowed a photo shoot before he left. The animal images were captured by Freya in a creative moment. We see Poppy and Tabitha having a wee chat with Mr Pig,having a good gossip, filling him in on all the scandal and no doubt "dissing" Mrs Pig. Then a little demonstration of the daily stretching exercises "Up and down and up and down and grab a branch and puuuulllll". Finally Tabitha clearly having a good chuckle and shamelessly posing for the camera.

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