Wednesday, 18 June 2008

“Life's challenges are not supposed to paralyze you, they're supposed to help you discover who you are.”

These two Swedish girls arrived on our doorstep yesterday afternoon with rain dripping from their hair, noses, jackets and the largest back packs I have ever seen. They are part of a troupe of Scouts that are facing a Scottish Challenge to walk 100 miles in ten days to a pre arranged meeting place. All the participants are dropped off in pairs in different places, at the last minute they are given the relevant maps to their area, told the meeting place and then left with a small amount of food, a tent and a little bit of money for each day. They hope to find some hospitable people along the way who may put them up and/or feed them but they are not allowed to accept any lifts or financial help, they must not pay for accommodation (indeed their daily allowance would hardly get them to the foot of the stairs) and even refused the offer of transportation of their bags as far as Inveraray on the school bus. As part of the challenge they must find a school and give a talk to some pupils, we rang the girls head teacher and she was very pleased to oblige so we waved them off just before ¼ past eight this morning. Having spent the night before near Loch Gare in a very wet tent (with a brief visit from a coughing deer) they were delighted with a bed in the library and a chance to dry off and we shared our meal with them. They have a certain amount of information that they must gather in response to specific questions so I hope that we did not give them too much! Hard to stop us once we get started….Very good luck to them, I could not hold back my inner mother and asked them to email me when they get home to let me know that they are safe .
Re the above Quote by Bernice Johnson Reagon, Bernice had obviously never seen such large backpacks on such slight girls!
Running tag:-6 mile run with Liz yesterday at the Quarry. 8.5 miles

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