Monday, 16 June 2008



*Freya being decorated
*Rosie testing the Shower
*Pigs showering
*Running repairs by Freya

We boogied on down at the Carnival in Minard on Saturday. This was a three way joint ("joint" as in togetherness not hey, man great weed....) school event between Minard, Furnace and Inveraray. Rosie was in a dance representing carnival/fairground rides but the photos are on Toby's phone and the download defeats me. I remembered I had camera capability rather too late but got the shot of Freya having a face paint. More excitement awaited at home, Lyndsay...The Queen of Shopping (not clothes and boring stuff like that but really useful things that you did not know you needed)dropped off an outdoor shower from Lidl. This is the ideal things for hot piggies without a proper wallow.It has been so dry that the wee spring at the wet end of the field has dried up and now there is no wet end. The Three Little pigs are okay as they sneak next door to Mr Pig's rather better equipped quarters for a quick wallow in his semi detached pond so this is for Mrs Pig.

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