Thursday, 3 July 2008

NEWSFLASH:- Legless blonde loses head in rural sitting room...

Ginny is the prime, indeed the only suspect in this terrible crime caught as she was with the evidence...namely Polly Pockets torso in her mouth. Poor Polly suffered grevious injuries losing not only her head and legs, but also both arms and her hair too. Emergency surgery was performed by Dr Toby with the aid of glue, a matchstick and sellotape. Polly is now recovering in a hastily erected hospital wing. Her unconscious body is being monitored by a competent nurse also, coincidentally called Polly Pocket. It will be up to Nurse Pocket to break the news to Polly that through pressures of time to save her life her bottom was actually attached back on backwards but hey life can be a bummer sometimes...Boom Boom!!
PS Running total. One run, the Leicainn with Toby on Monday 6 miles.

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