Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Great Loch Lomond Adventure

Varying degrees of nerves this morning as we approached Luss, the pre arranged meeting place for a group of hardy canoers and campers On the familiar 1-10 scale...Toby less than 1 and so cool about it all, Rosie maybe a 3 and Freya off the scale with a 15 or so, Me, well, I was a 3 as well until I drove away and now it is steadily climbing ready to reach a real old crescendo by the time I collect them all tomorrow..Pathetic I know. So, what have I done with all my free and unencumbered time.
1. Went for a run (obviously) Furnace to home
2. Strimmed the grass
3. Picked up all the grunge and hoovered the sitting room. Managed to restrain myself from burning "CV". Cardboard Ville (Aptly named believe me) was built in the first week of the holidays and boy am I regretting promising to let a large cardboard structure complete with several "rooms" and a gun turret topped with gun lurk in the sitting room for the duration. Yup I am......
4. Ironing
5. Washed hair


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