Sunday, 13 July 2008

Girly night for Garret.

Great night out with the girls from jogscotland with their clothes on....going out clothes that is...not a spot of lycra or a woolly hat in sight. The Indian restaurant in Lochgilphead did us proud and maybe, just maybe the waiter has recovered this morning from the onslaught. Much to his obvious confusion he was being hailed as "Gregor" all night ( someone had told Maria that he was changing his name)...eventually he got it, easier really to just go along with the idea. It is the tiniest restaurant and the 8 of us filled it up nicely with room for a couple of tables for two to squeeze in around us to enjoy the conversation. i just wish that I knew half the people that were being talked about. It was like the early days of moving to Inveraray...took me years to match the gossip to the faces. No photos I am afraid, I took a few with my phone but I would definitely be "no Friends Fee" if I published them on the www...nothing indiscreet just blurry. Today I alternated between mother/ B and B lady and regular job as taxi driver for the under 14s.We are all at last back under the same roof and the girls at least are down but probably not out. Early start tomorrow to deliver Rosie to a meet with Grandma at Moffat.....Zzzz Zzzz

Quickie run with Toby today...2.8 miles

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