Tuesday, 8 July 2008

July 7th...Freya's birthday

The big "one" "oh" for Freya today.The designated birthday treat was a trip to Braehead to see Prince Caspian, we have all read the books and this has been long awaited and did not disappoint. I have now been made the most unpopular person to sit next to and have to sit at the end due to a tendency to get over excited at the battle scenes (Toby did not appreciated the sword thrust and rousing cry of "For Narnia and The North" either in the cinema or re enacted in the Shopping Mall afterwards.)There was also dissent amongst the lower ranks as I had to take a few minutes out at the end of the film to recover myself, even then when I managed to stagger out of the darkened theatre long after everyone else I got smirks from the cinema attendant (I don't think that they are called ushers anymore? This one did not do any ushing that I could see)and a "enjoy the film then?!" as the tears came unbidden once more at the memory of the emotional ending and just how I would feel being ripped from a fairytale land and thrust back into war time London......ahh well...I shall visit it in my dreams.
pS The Cake is "The Monster Book of Cakes" from HP.

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