Thursday, 17 July 2008

Exercises of many kinds (well, at least three...).

What a whirlwind of guests and beds and children etc this week. We have had some lovely guests, very chatty and friendly which makes life very pleasant. Have managed to fit a couple of runs in round all the duties, the first with Lizzie in Inveraray round the golf course whilst her youngest went to golf club. We did four miles which was pretty good considering that my legs were achy from climbing up The Bell Tower in Inveraray with Freya an hour or so before. The other run was last night at Ardcastle with Liz and two other desperate women willing to run in the rain, there are so many twists and turns that I am at a loss to map it but it was 5 miles so the total (11.8m)is creeping up. I finally managed to persuade Garret that, as he is undertaking his first open water swim as part of a sprint tri on Saturday (that is this Saturday!) he really should try his wet suit in the water. I was somewhat worried about the getting out of the suit before the cycle as a trial run, literally a dry run had me in fits as he tried to get wrists and ankles out from the vice like grip. However, after a wee dip in Loch Fyne during which he collected 2 stalkers (large seals who, apparently had large teeth and were showing altogether too much interest in him)it was apparent that a wet wet suit is easier to get off than a dry wet suit. Big relief, now getting in..that is a different story. Another quietish day with far too much time spent talking to friendly guests, can't resist and that after all is what it is all about! No hassle, then Toby did his Woolen Mill stint and then he and Freya had a lesson on Barra, the friendly but a bit lazy horse and Bubbles, the more lazy horse. My magnificent children then cleared out and hoovered the car despite a dreadful head injury for Toby (not a mark on him and soon recovered!). Apart from missing Rosie (we have a SKYE date at 8.30pm) a good day all round.

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