Saturday, 5 July 2008

Wet kids

The holidays have truly arrived when the first STRAMASH course comes along and so here are the piccies. A day of dinghy sailing for the three squeakers. They are old hands now and much more confident. We rounded the day off at Lizzie's with a quick run and a lovely tea with relaxing chat. At the top of my own personal list of triumphs this week is getting Mr Pig to trust me enough to spontaneously collapse onto the ground and roll over for a tummy scratch...strangely satisfying for all concerned.
2. Freya's sore thumb (of which we heard plenty more later!)
3. Feedback
4. Rosie released from waterproofs.

Quick running resume:- wednesday night 2 miles. Friday night 5 miles karate run Saturday evening 2.8 miles so Grand Total 15.8

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