Friday, 11 July 2008

Report from the swedish Scouts ...they made it!!

This is a letter I received from the two waifs that wound up here a few weeks ago (see here), I was so relieved and pleased to hear from them.

Dear familly Corner!

We have been home for a couple of days now, sleeping in our own beds, told our story about Scotland for everyone and washed our clothes.
It feels a bit strange to be home but at the same time very comfortable.

We want to thank you for making our journey more easy end fun. When we came to your place we felt really tired and very wet. We really appreciate that you and your familly let us in to your Bed & Breakfast and to share your meals even though we did´nt pay you anything. We really got some energy back to keep on hiking for 8 more days when we met your familly.

The following 8 days went really well and we got a lot of good memories. At the end we had walked about 107 miles, so we got our belts and we also got an award for those who slept the most inside. So as you can understand that award has a lot to do with you letting us in.

The assignment at the school went really good, we hope that Rosie, Freya and there friends thought that it was intresting. After the visit we met a bagpipe player who helped us with an assignment and he gave us a new place to sleep just next to Loch Fyne Oysterbar.

After the 10 days of hiking we met up with the other scouts. We went with bus to Gairloch, in the north, for a few days and visited Highland Games. Next stop was Fort William were we went to the top of Ben Navis. After that we spent 3 days in Edinburgh were we also got our belts (the picture is attached in this email).
Then it was time to fly home to Sweden but all of us really wanted to stay at least a week more i Scotland.

Scotland with all it´s people really made a big impression on us. We would love to come back one day and hopefully all the midges have died until then.

We are looking forward to invite Toby in to our house when he is walking 100 miles in Sweden.
And if you ever go to Sweden to ski or just travelling arround you are always welcome to stay with us.

Thanks once again for all the memories you gave us, we will always remember Scotland in a good way even though you have a lot of rain and midges.

If you have time it would be really fun to hear from you.

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