Sunday, 20 July 2008

"Out and back again"

The great day of battle between Man and wet suit has dawned and gone, and we can safely say that Garret won....not the triathlon of course that would be silly but the bit about getting out of the wet suit successfully. he was very pleased with his swim, even during it he gained great confidence from the presence of others actually swimming at his speed or was a 600m "round the buoy and back again" course and once out, on dry land and onto the bike he was kicking metaphorical ass...until the gear wheel put on the night before partially broke leaving him with 5 gears only on a 12.8k hilly course. Undaunted he finished that leg and tackled a run of 3k starting with a large hill (up)...the race organisers must have really been chuckling at that one "Ahhh, now let me see how can we get them really hurting when the end is in sight, hmmm, that hill will do it to poor legs just off the bikes and trying desperately to find the running muscles hidden under the cycling ones".
We are very proud of him and relieved that all went well. Of course the constant cry now is "if only I had trained for it". Nevertheless 17th place is pretty good. After all this endeavour we took Toby to work in the afternoon and went off for a run, I set the route and Garret dragged me along in his wake. My excuse is that he had warmed up first with the mornings fun packed activities so I was technically having the harder run (this was very true). Weeks total for me and the dogs 17m

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