Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Kick back day..

A glorious morning saw us sprinting out into the garden as soon as the jobs were over. Well, after I had explained that PS2's and TVs do not work on nice days the children joined me. There was a lot of weed picking to do in the Polytunnel, still is to be honest but I did the most visibly embarrassing ones. Freya wheedled Dad into putting up her new hammock and Toby took advantage of the weather and put up the tent. Great expectations are in all minds ('cept mine) about sleeping out tonight....hmmmm. After cleaning out the pigs, curiously everyone else became very busy and very deaf around about this time we popped into Inveraray for fish and haircuts. The fish is bought from a wonderful fish van (available on the pier 4-6pm every Tuesday rain, shine, winter, summer...) run by Laura who is very knowledgeable about all her wares. We spent a happy couple of minutes commiserating with each other on the subject of small white turnips (I know it is a boring, rural life but it is my boring, rural life and I like it). I have a very attractive row of these in the polytunnel, all white with rosy pink tops increasing rapidly in girth but try as I might to disguise them (soup, mashed with potatoes,casserole, roast) they are sniffed out with the keenness of three bloodhounds scenting a fox and rejected. I bought monkfish and Scottish haddock to marinade for kebabs for tea. I had a very satisfying kind of "ohh look at me I am a TV chef" moment conjuring up a lovely marinade for the fish with lime, lemon, olive oil, home grown herbs etc until I remembered that the result of this is that I shall spend tea time shouting at Freya and getting very grumpy when, unappreciative of such achievements she will moan at all the "green bits" on her plate.

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