Sunday, 25 April 2010

Written in haste....

Yesterday Freya and I took on the night of Dun na Cuiche a)to prove to her that she can do it if needed as a Junior female on the 9th and b) to set the km marker positions. The day was cool and fresh as we set off from the Jail running comfortably together. This did not last long as at the first incline her fresh young legs laughed mockingly at my tired old ones and took off up the hill. She beat me up by a few minutes and then beat me to the finish line too ...ahh well, nice whilst it lasted! Rest Day for the old legs today I think!

Off to be support team for Toby and Rosie in the Bute Novice tri and Garret in the WILL be posted later.

Total total... 82.45 weekly total....28.97

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