Thursday, 29 April 2010

Of Mice

No funny little map today, a small amount of stiffness round the knee area meant a day of rest and relaxation......well, it meant that I used a soft squidgy thing to kneel on when on poly tunnel detail. It looks great after all garret's hard work and is so much easier to get around. I have been in planting mode today and so peas, carrots, spinach, spring onions, lettuce, beans, turnip seeds and some others that I now can't remember are shivering in the ground denuded of their comfortable packets as I type.....some seedlings are paying the price for sprouting a bit fast in the warm house and so are out in the comparative cool of the poly tunnel now. The Little Nippers traps are patrolling the tunnel for us after losing so much last year to the of this morning Mice 0 Us 7 so fingers crossed for those poor vulnerable seedlings. The biggest challenge is keeping the tunnel cool enough but secure from birds getting in and finding the traps. Netted doors seems to be the answer and so that is what we have. The other event of the day was Toby's first exam...English. Not a favourite subject but essential to pursue at higher level for any of his many considered degrees/career plans. He was happy to find a question which involved a short story written on a theme featured in last nights reading. Just hope the examiner has not read it too!

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