Monday, 26 April 2010

Bye Freya...have fun!

Freya is off and Northumberland bound with the rest of the Primary upper school for four nights, I hope that the wellies I found by the door when I got back from dropping her off are the only thing that she forgot.
After the day off yesterday to watch others compete which let me tell you is quite exhauting in itself but did I get any sympathy....well, I shall leave you to guess the answer to that one. So, back on with the trainers this morning, at least they had had a chance to dry out. After a huge amount of prevarication which included doing yesterdays blog, choosing Euro millions numbers and chatting I finally got under way for a "Slow 2m Fast 1m Slow 2M" as dictated by my increasingly tough programme. This roughly translates to force tired calf muscles to do a very slow 2 miles...move into a lolloping, painful half trot for 1/2 mile...turn and lollop back to find that the timer didnt start so I have no idea how fast (!) I went although know really that the digital display would have read "Not very"....I collapsed gratefully into my 2 miles slow. No thought of not doing this bit absolutely accuratley and as prescribed.

Total total... 87.45 weekly total....5

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