Friday, 23 April 2010

Big Breakfasts and Big Runs (?!)

Back into the breakfast routine this morning with lovely great big brekkies to prepare (I love it when they all want the same!) and serve to some folk newly disappointed from training for the Vienna Marathon and being thwarted by a big cloud of dust. Never mind, Vienna's loss is our gain as we finally got some cash! Lovely folk who left looking determined to walk Dun Na cuiche. The misty drizzle that may have spoilt their view from the top helped Liz and I to keep cool on the Leicann run plus that we tackled this afternoon. The plus was a four mile addition along the Forest drive in the middle to make a ten miler as required by the dictates of the training programme. Despite the Leicann being billed as a 6 mile I have had my doubts the last couple of times and I reckon just over 5 which is, to put it plainly a right bummer! So, at the bottom of the run within sight of the cars I had to break it to Liz that we had to put in an extra little bit along the road in the opposite direction, I am grateful she did not hit me......Back to the car and still only 9.95...determined to get the magic 10 we hobbled up the road a few steps until the GPS obliged. So, that is over (for this week anyway).

PS I have just noticed just now that the map says 9.93!! But it was 10 honest...anyway I am taking it as 10...I am!!!

Total total... 77.81 weekly total....24.33

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