Tuesday, 27 April 2010

A good night for a run...

Actually a dreary night to turn out for a run and I did wonder as I pulled up at the meeting place tonight whether the other jogscotland girls would think it was just too dreary! But I have trained them well and a very respectable nine dedicated runners turned out for a 5 mile run along to the Caravan Park. I was so impressed with all back safe and sound (and smiling) in under 54 minutes which is a great achievement. With Liz to chat to and chase (fresh legs...boot camp just about finished me off last night with the bleep test followed by fitness tests...NEVER try to do the plank after skipping for two minutes) we managed it in 42.23 which is an 8.44 minute mile (give or take....). Home to a "all revised out" Toby (First exam Thursday...English) and a Rosie who has inexplicably forgotten how to tell the time (for lights out). Ah well...to bed to bed to see what tomorrow will bring.

Total total... 92.45 weekly total....10

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