Saturday, 17 April 2010

Friday and Saturday catch up.

Day off running yesterday so the kids and I played tennis...well...I just about kept up with Toby in a knockabout but he beat me in the sudden death. Quite nice that this is what they chose to do given a choice...fine with me, cheap, healthy and local. Howard and Myrna called in pm with their grandchildren for a catch up (H and M) and a play with the dogs (Iain and Ben...). They left late afternoon for a pizza in Inveraray with the boys "being" pigs...not sure of the influence we have on other people's children. Woke this morning to the thought that some running should really take place but what?? This was decided with a phone call to Liz and a date to meet up for a run along Crinan Canal tomorrow with some others and so the dreadeed 3 mins fast and 3 slow beckoned is a killer especially with the hills round here and I am not at all convinced that it is making me faster merely more tired. Later that night Freya learnt not to use her psp to go on line and have a moan on facebook about being unjustly sent to bed she has to go to bed early AND has no psp!! ahhh the trials of parenthood!!

Total total....44.98 Weekly total...17.98

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