Thursday, 8 April 2010

My Achey Breaky legs

Half way through the second week (and remember I misssed the first half of the first week) and my legs are trembling at the thought of a walk let alone another run! This morning's istructions were for a 5 mile run with 16 minutes of 1m fast 1m slower incorporated into the you warm up and get that bit over with, right? So I went right in with a one minute slow. Somewhere in other dimension I had translated the intsructions to mean 16 minutes of each meaning 32 minutes of torture as the fasts got slower and the slows nearly went backwards. However, at 17 minutes I decided this was a very silly running programme and resorted to just running a meduim pace for the rest of the 5 miles. The GPS was better behaved today although curiously I ran to 2.5 miles, turned and retraced my steps to find I had only done 4.89 (as i have said before that .1 or so is so important!) so therefore had to run round the house to make it up. Back home to find that finally the last of the Corners and Fynns (friends) had finished breakfast whilst I am very nearly in the lunch zone.

Weekly total 15

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