Thursday, 29 April 2010

The Fall of the Year

Poly tunnel day today as Garret worked on to sort out the tired over-large raised beds and dirty plastic over sheet ...and he has worked miracles. I now have a manageable space to work in with purpose made strawberry beds and a see through cover. I drifted in and out between taking Toby to an interview at school re his Highers and pinning him down to revision...English today.
Setting off early to js I managed a very slow two miles before meeting the rest of the group for a pleasant 3 miles at Port Ann followed by 100m strides times 6...This was fine until I caught my foot on a rough hit by a drainage pipe and went down like the proverbial sack of spuds. Dragged up with both hands bleeding by an off duty policeman I hoped the other group had not noticed. I am sure that they thought my curious lop sided run was just a training ploy.......

Total total... 98.69 weekly total....16.24

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