Friday, 18 April 2008

What a nice place to live....(or even visit on your holidays?)

Another wee ramble yesterday which delighted dogs and children alike. This time we headed down river which involves more scrambling. The bridge photo is from the other side of the "Roman Bridge" on our land (see "Fluffy Cloud Day" March for the other side view), and Toby is putting my walking boots on after giving his wellies to me for an impromptu trip across the river (it is deeper than it looks in the photo)to get home. I discovered much less than 1/2 way across that the wellies leaked and so he then decided he had better wear mine rather than put me to all the trouble of removing his from my now quite soggy feet.Such a kind boy. Today is lovely too but the gardening beckoned and now I have a very sore back! Slight relief to the lumbar region was in making preparations for tea, Toby has deemed it to be a "French" day. this means that after scouring the little grey cells for ideas and the fridge for ingredients we are having homemade french bread sticks with pate (if Dad gets home from Lochgilphead Coop in time and tuna mayonnaise if not (well, the French eat a lot of fish don't they? and what is more traditional than mayonnaise?!) followed by meringues, currently toasting in the oven, with strawberries and cream (the latter also dependent on Garret's return otherwise it is that well known Gaulic invention:-Squirty cream from Lidl)....and a large glass of Red for me.

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