Thursday, 17 April 2008

Weekend break...Saturday

So there we all were…brim full of pride, excitement and nerves. The transportation of all of us to Liz’s in Doncaster in Garret’s car had been an adventure in itself involving a threatened cancellation and subsequent reduction in time away due to a faulty Water tank (now fixed) but we were THERE at the N.E.C waving frantically at the West Coast Motor bus passing us as we left our cars…who else could it be but the Scottish team for the Junior Indoor Athletics Championships. This was the culmination of months of qualifiers and hard work for all and judging from the opening procession promised to be a great day…..then it all went horribly wrong! In short the arena floor was not suitable for the children to run on and they slipped and fell all over the place. Inevitably, with Toby on the starting line the track events were cancelled with little regard for the hopes and anticipation for scores of children and families… shame on them.

PS got last photo in the wrong place as it was during the procession.
1 and 5.Toby 4th from left
2,3 and 4. Ready in anticipation...

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