Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Training record (incentive needed)

5k 29 minutes (subtract 4 minutes from that for stopping to talk to Julie who was painting the porch of Douglas Lodge and at least 6s for a car to pass...the seconds are vital) where was I, oh yes 5k 25 minutes.
Women's record is 14:16.63, Meseret Defar,Oslo, June 2007. Hmmm something to aim for then!
Evening spent at Parent Council meeting (the group formerly and quite happily known PTA. In its undeniable wisdom the government decided that not enough people were...what is the term? Ahhh yes, interactive ( getting their bums into hard uncomfortable chairs at the school to help once a term) enough so thousands of pounds were ploughed into consultation processes and expensive brochures etc for us all to reform...same members, no new faces under, and this is the key to successful communication/inclusion (Blah de Blah) a new more important sounding name) discussing fund raising, the boys toilets,more fund raising and some other things that I cannot now remember and, here is the best bit I don't HAVE to remember now I am merely Vice Chairthingy instead of secretary as I was under the old regime that was swept away so efficiently.

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