Saturday, 5 April 2008

Chanter Competition

So, picture the scene.....17 or so children,17 or so chanters clasped in sticky hands, 17 or so proud but anxious parents perched on infant class seats,one large genial judge in kilt mercifully provided with a normal sized person's seat, the inevitable small but cute child at the back making funny comments in the quiet moments and a very very hot sun blasting in through the classroom windows. This was my fate this morning, to accompany a white faced Freya to her first chanter competition where she performed very creditably and was 5th in her class so, inevitable here are the photos....just count yourselves lucky that I do not know how to insert a video (yet). The rest of the day we hung out here and then I thrashed them all (at Pontoon and won all their marbles) before bed.Hee hee.

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