Thursday, 24 April 2008

Training record (More incentive needed)

6.5km-45 minutes...well I did the maths and my increased motivation and training plans seems to have led to an impressive 2 minute gain on each here come the excuses:-
1. Ran for just under a minute, started to wonder if I had actually locked the car (not mine of course, we viewed that yesterday with its guts pulled out looking as though the last rites were well overdue), ran on convincing myself that yes, of course I had...slowed... stopped, ran back and Yup, I had locked it.Spent the next few seconds having unlocked it to check it was locked checking that it was properly locked, we all have these kind of moments, don't we?
2. Talking on the ear piece to Gail for 15 minutes or so whilst trying to run
3. Met scary trail bikes and had to restrain Ginny from taking off into the wide blue yonder
4. Sore back
5. Ummmm...not as fast today as Tuesday?

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