Tuesday, 29 April 2008

What I saw on my run today.

I ran past the footprint on the way down towards the Lochside in the middle of nowhere, did a double take and had to run back to take a picture. It looks raised up on the photo but was a real indented bare (not bear) footprint in the middle of the track...totally alone with no more to be seen around. I was not running bare footed and my new trainers remained shiny all the way home. The road seemed to go up, and up and up some more! In fact it was a lot steeper than it looks on these pictures I can assure you. The camera obviously does lie on occasion.Lucy and Ginney insisted on a water stop at the top of the longest hill.
PS Training log 7.9 miles (12.71km) 80 minutes =6.2 minutes/km. Route taken

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