Thursday, 3 April 2008

The inevitable ski pictures

The blush of the sun can be seen on Garret's forehead today and the burn of the exercise can be felt in my legs. Whether the slightly tackier snow was more challenging or I am just tireder this week I am not sure but we had a great day and the Main Basin is starting to lose its fear for me despite the bumps at the bottom yesterday.Still quiet and peaceful, the phone camera pictures do not do credit to the beauty at the top. Breathtaking....on a slightly less grand scale but nonetheless noteworthy I noticed lots of large frogs scattered around on the forest road today when taking a short run (sore legs remember?). They were spread over about a 2m section and I counted 5 or so. Closer inspection on the return trip showed that 4 had gone and the one that was left was not actually one but two frogs busy about spring business. Rather a dodgy place I thought, what kind of evolutionary blip requires the wide open spaces for such occasions instead of the grassy cover all around. Especially with the local heron living a few feet way. As every ditch,puddle etc for miles has loads of frog spawn in it I thought that that was it for the year, maybe they have a second run at it.

1. Garret at the top of Main Basin with the fearsome tow in the background.
2. View from the chair lift..Loads of tracks.
3. Across the Main Basin
4. The Wall from the cafe

PS Still no car, the word is not before the week after next...gulp.

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