Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Remaining positive in the face of adversity

Mum, the girls and I had a real treat yesterday as we travelled to Oban through the sleet/hail/driving rain (but no winds like the southern half of the UK) to visit the optician and shop. As regular readers will have noticed I find food shopping one of life’s great pleasures but yesterday’s trip round Lidl was made even more delightful than ever by a small boy who entered just behind us and continuously blew on a whistle as he aimlessly wandered around the store. I say aimlessly but maybe not as try as we might we could not shake him off. The only (very temporary) relief came when he removed the whistle from his mouth to proudly explain to all the shoppers who were wondering if they had suddenly lost their hearing by the sheer absence of sound “I gotta whistle” which he certainly did. It improved Mum’s head cold no end to listen to him cheerfully peeping away at it. We, of course were in the queue behind his presumably, tragically totally deaf family at the checkout (how does fate arrange these things!?). Having loaded 75% of our huge shop onto the groaning conveyor belt thus reaching the point of no return a bottle of Olive Oil was knocked off dad,grandma and granddad's pile and onto the floor. This meant that not only did I get the pleasure of touring round the all other cash stations with my trolley to get access my shopping but we had the joy of enduring, sorry listening to the wee mans whistle for just a bit longer. I tell you, the sound of several brains clicking back into place and beginning tentatively to function once more as the doors slid closed behind him was audible….Mind you we had a great bitch about them to the till guy and I learnt that the best thing to soak up a bottle of spilt oil is cat litter…not a totally wasted experience then.

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