Saturday, 29 March 2008

More ramblings on...Rambling

Escaped the house of plague today for a walk with the dogs. I did take a few of my own personal germs with me, I imagine them as a multi coloured buzz of sparkly lights whirling around my head AKA the blue birds in a cartoon that denote a knock out. Occasionally one lightly lands and delicately re-ignites my cough which is slowly retreating but alas too slowly to make competing tomorrow, or even completing the Bute Triathlon a sensible proposal and if I can’t do it Toby definitely can’t still with his barking cough despite constant pleading…and as for Garret, well enough said. The walk was romantically pleasing in a soft rain kind of way, the cloud was low and the drizzle gentle against Rosie’s silly hat that I had jammed on before leaving. This lasted until I turned for home causing the so far gentle wind to drive the rain into my face stinging it and giving me ice cream cheeks (like an ice cream head ache but lower). Also I discovered that yet another of my waterproof jackets is….ummmm…not. Then I trod in a puddle in my trainers and there the story ends.

Quote of the day. Watching the weakest link
Question “what is the phrase said by Highwaymen when holding up passers by. Stand and deliver your money or your……?

Answer by Toby “Wig”!

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