Friday, 14 March 2008

More Ski-ing

Another great day skiing, eleven days away and we missed every minute! The day was breezy at times but the snow was good and thick. Was tempted into going faster by Ryan and then later down The Wall by Garret. The latter I did squealing all the way first run and grimly determined the second. Hate the tows so the skiing down is light relief. This means that I am slowly inching my way up the mountain…watch this space to see if I make it down the Main Basin by the end of the season. Some spectacular falls including one for me into a deep gorgy thing that was apparently designed for fun but I went over the side and catapulted about 10 feet into an abyss type place. However skis disengaged beautifully and no harm was done (can you apply a plaster to a bruised pride?). We had encouraged Howard and Myrna to come too and great fun was being had by all until an innocuous fall by Myrna in Mugs Alley resulted in a distal undisplaced fracture of her radius (how guilty do we feel now!!!). So sorry Myrna. The only other downside of the day (admittedly less important than a broken bone) was coming out of the cafĂ© after a coffee break and finding that my poles had been taken. The perpetrator had however left me a very attractive pair of shabby bent SHORT poles with pink paint peeling off them, unmatched wrist straps and baskets…all in all a very good swap. However Garret tracked my poles down and persuaded the skier to return them to me. This meant that I had time to Ski down Mugs Alley a few more times in my usual uncontrolled way having a darn good time!

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