Monday, 10 March 2008

Photo upload

Apologies for the positioning of the photos below. It has taken me a day to get Blogger to upload them, a problem that,after reading the "help" forums I am not alone in having. I had to do them one by one and by the time I realised they were in the wrong order I had very nearly lost the will to live let alone view another horsey photo. The fact that they were inserted at all is due to having to spend an hour or so (or two or three) on the computer wrestling with Visitscotland's "update your own availabilty the easy and quick way". I will translate this for all who have not had dealings with vs as "Do you wish to have your brain feeling as though it is plummeting down through your spinal cord in an unidentifiable squishy glutinous mass of neurones and grey matter after the sheer mind altering frustration of dealing with all things computerised then be our guest and login here" Actually for the first day I could not even get past the login section but I shall leave it there as the synapses are starting to spark just in anticipation.This bored me so rigid that a bit of light relief was needed. Never one to buckle down to a task that is better ignored I have spent a happy 1/2 hr or so surfing ski sights, youtube and my blog thereby combining things that I wish I was doing, have done and will never do all in one neat little session.

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