Sunday, 30 March 2008

Playing with Next blog button

I have only just noticed this wee search button at the top of the page and "wasted" a good 1/2 an hour or so happily wading through other peoples private is great, a license to be voyeuristic at long last. Being one of those nosy people that stare across into upper floor windows, and down into ground floor room from the top deck of a bus wondering fruitlessly about the lives and loves of those inside I find it great to flick across all these thoughts and photos from across the world. I found Pictures from A Taxi on first click and then panicked trying to relocate it but eventually tracked it down.The contrast with my world is astonishing but nonetheless appealing. I really enjoyed looking into this guy's world. He is a New York Cabbie and takes a photo each night.I did also stumble across a very weird blog by a woman in the south of England who comforts herself whilst her man is away at sea by making some seriously strange cards but I will not inflict that one on you (just yet)

PS Tonight we have staying an Australian couple who just turned up on the off chance that we might have rooms (!). Apparently she sought us out after researching her family and learning that a (very) distant ancestor married the "Laird of Clunary" way back when...she is married to, with the delightful touch of serendipity a cousin of the present Inveraray Policeman.

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